Learn how American Eagle Consulting started

Dale Peronteau founded AEC in 1985 to address the growing need for accounting software, which previously did not exist. He developed a direct business relationship with Peachtree, now known as Sage 50 Accounting, advising for the use of their software and maintaining a direct line of contact with Peachtree’s president.
Dale studied accounting all throughout high school, community college, and university, and used those skills to form AEC into the successful firm it is today. His community mindset, passion for the industry and applied experience cemented the loyal client base we hold in both San Francisco and San Diego.
We now operate with five additional accountants and bookkeepers, all of whom brought a wealth of experience to our repertoire. Our reputation and sometimes visceral adherence to our customer service-oriented culture makes our client retention a main component to our success.  

Meet the Team Behind
American Eagle Consulting

Dale Peronteau


Kelly Shaw, American Eagle Consulting

Kelly Shaw


Terrill Grimes

Staff Accountant/Payroll Specialist

Addison Schwan, PHR

HR Manager